wheelchair lacrosse

About Us

My name is Ryan Baker and this is Bill Lundstrom. During a skiing trip just this past winter in Steamboat Springs, Colorado (with Adaptive Adventures and Access Anything), IMG_1066Bill and I were sitting around with some recently injured guys, talking sports and different activities that are available to us…people in chairs. I opened up to the guys about my thoughts on lacrosse. I always figured that if I could push with a tennis racquet in my hand that I could surely push with a lacrosse stick, right? Bill and I started looking online that night, for any information about ‘Wheelchair Lacrosse’. After countless searches, looking for resources and contact info for anyone who could give us some direction, we found nothing…

There are so many great sports to choose from; both individual and team, and Bill and I came back from Steamboat with our mind set on trying Lacrosse. We started out by going to a used sporting goods store and grabbing some gear to see if this might actually be something that could work. I rolled out with a stick, some tape, two or three balls and a pair of gloves for under $50.00.

From there we went to a tennis court and started playing catch, maybe 15 yards apart. There were some crazy throws and we both took a few in the chest which caused a little pain, and a lot of big laughs. We definitely lost a couple of balls over the fence that night. Bill and I had never picked up lacrosse sticks or Crosses before that day. But soon, we had about five or six guys out playing catch with us and over time we were able to get our hands on some gear. We found out that initially, the gear protected us more from the ball than from each other, as some of the passing and catching can get crazy.

After a while we decided we needed something to shoot at. Bill got some PVC pipe from the local hardware store, we found some netting on the internet and we built a goal. That gave us a target on the tennis court but we soon realized that we needed more space and wanted to be somewhere that would allow us to play the balls off the wall. We decided to make a reservation at a local Parks and Recreation Roller Hockey Rink. At the first practice, we had 10 guys all geared up and played a half court scrimmage. I will not lie, that first attempt was a bit of a train wreck. None of the guys had any experience playing lacrosse, except Dan, our ‘Coach’ and Full Time Supporter, but that’s a different story. Over time we’ve gotten more organized on the court and our passes have gotten much cleaner. I know for me and Bill, this sport is something new and fun for us to do…and the guys keep coming out every week to play.

IMG_1440Please contact us! We are eager to help anyone who has an interest in wheelchair lacrosse, get started with gear, rules, and with finding a place to play. We hope that soon, both men’s and women’s teams will start to pop up all over the country! We are really looking forward to seeing this great new sport grow.

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