Camps are designed to bring lacrosse to the players, programs and cities that are trying to expand their existing recreational offering.  It is said that lacrosse is the fastest sport on two feet.  WLUSA is making it the fastest sport on two wheels.  A camp includes lacrosse history, equipment review and specification, rules and penalties.  Additionally, there are tactics and strategy, along with extensive passing and catching drills.  WLUSA will teach players and organizations how to become a sustainable wheelchair lacrosse program.  Before the conclusion of the camp, players are involved in a full blown scrimmage and employing all the skills learned over the weekend.

WLUSA will assist each group with the requirements for a camp including finding a suitable venue, providing equipment for up to 20 players, coaching and jerseys.  All camp events are free to participants.  At the conclusion of the camp WLUSA will donate lacrosse equipment to the host program to help give it a start with immediate needs.  Participants will need a basketball chair, shorts, under shirt for pads and a sweat towel.