Hersh was injured Feb-13-2005. He was racing motocross while living in Colorado. Just like any race day, everything was going great till he came up short on a jump, crashing. When he cam to he learned that T5,6 & 7 were fractured. He broke his hand, wrist, ribs and shoulder. After the injury, Daniel spent four months in rehab and recoving at Craig Hospital. 

 After rehab Hersh had tried different sports like basketball, sled hockey, and hand-cycling. In 2011 Daniel was able to try lacrosse during a WLUSA camp in Colorado.  Hersh was responsible for organizing the event. He had been playing around a little before the camp with friends at a local rink near his house.  That camp inspired Hersh and he started the program in Colorado armed with only a hand full of guys and very little gear.  Since then, he has created awareness about the team and grown to the point where they have been able to join up with the Colorado Mammoth of the NLL. Now, they are the Rolling Mammoth, the first WLUSA program to be working with and getting support from a NLL team.

Since he started playing lacrosse he has seen so much change. Hersh has earned a head coaching position for the University of Northern Colorado a MCLA D2 men's lacrosse team. He has also traveled as a WLUSA Team member to several events including the USL National Convention, WLUSA camps and to Whitby, Ontario, Canada for exhibition games and camp instruction during the FIL Women's World Cup.

Wheelchair Lacrosse USA is proud to recognize Daniel at its first player featured on the WLUSA Player Spotlight, powered by Lacrosse Unlimited.