The rules for wheelchair lacrosse carryover nicely, maintaining authenticity that is derived from the able-bodied counterpart.  WLUSA has developed easy to learn and easy to retain concepts that teach new players and new coaches the ins and outs of the adapted version that WLUSA has created.  The competitive venue for Wheelchair Lacrosse is a roller hockey rink or box lacrosse pad.

Wheelchair Lacrosse USA Court Layout

Wheelchair Lacrosse USA Court Layout


Wheelchair Lacrosse is 8 on 8.  Players are known as Attack, Midfield, Defense and Goalie.  The lacrosse stick must be at least 40" in total length and the pocket depth cannot exceed the overall depth of the ball from the sidewall.  Each team is allowed to have 2 D-Poles, which can measure up to 50" and only 2 are allowed on the court at any time.  Each team must keep 3 players in their defensive half and 2 players in their offensive half at all times.  Game time consists of four, fifteen minute quarters.  Substitutions are done on the fly and do not require a stoppage of play.  Personal and technical infractions may result in penalty minutes rendering penalized team to one less player for a determined amount of time.  A no-bounce indoor lacrosse ball is used for wheelchair lacrosse.  Goal measurements are 4'x4' (box size) and pushed toward center line to create more space behind the net.  A new crease is created.

Download a copy of the rules below.